Müleskind is a figure of writing. He forms a character-diagram through which writing can be modulated and transformed. He is dreamt from the angular lawns of old Germany, before being goaded to materialise through dialogues, depositories and exploratory radio broadcasts. He is a figure to be teased out from nothingness. Soon he is to be re-housed in the insect wing.

J-Spur is a spiritual home, the locale of a contagion: Müleskind. Within these cubbyholes and powder rooms, amongst gas taps and systems of classification, he will be compelled to emerge. Each section of the space will demand a different intensity of production and another voice with which to speak. Image and text will be written out like insect excretions. The divisions will signal areas where insertions and interruptions might be instituted.

The Spur will be broken into, the door barricaded from the inside. A list of equipment will have been gathered and double-checked. Recordings of radio broadcasts will play continuously, piping the formative mantras that must accompany production. Is there a compulsion to make sense of this material or to compound the nonsense? Müleskind-writing is a siege mentality.

The Spur is a factory of the sensible – a chamber of force, loaded with the compulsion to find continuity in events or in the exigencies of work. It forms and informs thinking, both housing and constituting the moving coordinates of writing. Yet what is the Spur’s connection to the institution?

A writing practice is in play in this laboratory. The intuitive examination of collaboration, creation and research will betray the figure of the artist, the figure of writing and even the duplicitous figure of art-writing: a conjoined figured, spliced into one, articulated at some unknown, or little known, point.